The Vampire Diaries
Mystic Falls

                                                     Find Mystic Falls

As I stated on the homepage, I will be giving you the different addresses to the different locations in Mystic Falls, Virginia.  I would recommend using Googlemaps to further help you find these different locations if you're wanting to visit!  I can promise you if you decide to visit Mystic Falls, these locations will be VERY easy to find.

**NOTE: The lighter words are links to the different locations on**

First things first, if you try and search for these locations in Mystic Falls, Virginia, you're going to find yourself very frustrated, because it doesn't actually exist.  You're going to need to make your trip out to the Historic Downtown of Covington, Georgia

                                                                                                 **WEST BOUND**

If you're coming from Atlanta (West Bound) you're going to want to take the FIRST Covington exit (there are three).  You will take exit 90 to merge onto U-278 E/Access RD and continue to follow that street for about a mile and a half.  Turn Right onto Elm Street.  Take the 3rd left onto Floyd Street and you should be in the square where you will quickly find The Mystic Falls Court House/Jail & Sheriff Forbes office, The Mystic Grill, Dr. Gilberts Office, and The Center of The Square (where Isobel told Elena, Damon is in love with her in Season II)

                                                                                                 **EAST BOUND**

If you're going East Bound on I-20, you're going to need to take Covington Exit 92 Alcovy RD and turn left.  You'll need to go about half a mile and then continue onto Elm Street NE.  You will then turn left onto Floyd Street and you should be in the square where you will quickly find The Mystic Falls Court House/Jail & Sheriff Forbes office, The Mystic Grill, Dr. Gilberts Office, and The Center of The Square (where Isobel told Elena, Damon is in love with her in Season II).  

                                                            The Square

This would be the best place to start your journey.  As I stated above in the directions to get here, it has most of the main locations you'll need to visit.  The Mystic Falls Court House/Jail & Sheriff Forbes Office will be very easy to spot.  It's a huge brick building with a clock on the top.  It's impossible to miss!  As a matter of fact, it looks like this:

                                                       **You can see the corner of The Mystic Grill in the photo above**

Directly beside the above building, you will be able to find The Mystic Grill. It is a little green building that use to be a tax office.  However, the beginning of 2014, The Mystic Grill opened into a bar and restaurant.  It's a wonderful place to stop in for a bite to eat or a delicious mixed drink for those 21+.  The inside is just as beautiful as the outside and the staff couldn't be friendlier.  Besides, rumor has it that multiple actors have stopped here for a bite, including but not limited to, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Malarkey, Kayla Ewell, Marguerite Maclntyre, and many more.

The outside of The Mystic Grill is where a lot of scenes filmed on The Square have taken place. Such as when Lexi, Stefans longtime friend, was staked by Damon in Season I to put an end to the vampire trouble in the town.  The stairs on the side of the building is also where one of the Original brothers, Finn, was staked in Season IIIDamon also ripped out the heart of a stranger in the alleyway at the bottom of the stairs in Season VII during his hallucinations from being in the Phoenix Stone.                                               

In the center of the square, you can find the spot that was used when Isobel (Elena's Biological mother) called Damon out for being in love with Elena.  The center of the square is also where a lot of the towns parties and Founder Days have taken place.  You'll also find the bench that was used in Season I Episode 14 "Fool Me Once" that Damon and Anna used.

If you're standing outside of Scoops ice cream shop, facing the square, you'll need to look directly to your left, which is where you'll notice a familiar Doctors office which was used in Season I for Uncle John Gilbert to use The Gilbert Device to take down the vampires in Episode 22 "Founders Day".  This was also the building that the tomb vampires burned in along with Mayor Lockwood.  It is also the place in which Anna was staked.  

It was once used to hold filming props for The Mystic Grill however the building space was purchased and turned into an Art shop.  You can still see Dr. Grayson Gilbert M.D. on the window, however.   

As you make your way around the square, keep an eye out on the different roofs.  You might just recognize one of them from when Damon, Stefan, and Vicki got into a scuffle when she went missing from The Grill after taking some pills in Season I, Episode 2 "The Night Of The Comet".


Once you finish your journey through Mystic Falls town square, you will need to make your way past Scoops on College Ave SE.  You will continue down this street until you come to a stop to either turn left or right onto East Street.  Directly in front of you will be a house in the distance behind a large metal gate.  This home should look very familiar to any Vampire Diaries fan.  They've held a ton of parties here as well as a masquerade ball.  You have found the Lockwood Mansion.  Unfortunately you'll only be able to view this house at the gate due to it being a private residence, but even then, the view from the sidewalk is beautiful.

                                                                                     **Click here for Googlemaps**


Once you've finished scoping out the Lockwood Mansion, you'll need to turn left and head up East Street NE where your next two stops will be right beside one another on Floyd Street.  When you reach Floyd Street you will need to look at the house directly to your left.  You will quickly realize that the house you're viewing is the one and only Gilbert house.  So many memories have taken place on this front porch, including the infamous Damon and Katherine kiss in the Season I finale.  It is also the house in which the Original brother, Klaus, tried to break down the front door in Season III to find Elena.  Little fun fact there, the front door of the house has visible dent marks from filming that scene!

Unfortunately Elena burned the house down in season IV after her brother Jeremy was killed. However, that didn't stop them from using the famous spot in the show to film.  It has continuously been used for filming, especially in season VI when Damon and Bonnie were trapped on the other side with Kai

It also made a finale appearance in the shows series Finale.

                                                                                   **Click here for googlemaps**


If you're facing the house directly, you'll need to look left.  There you'll notice another familiar house from the show.  A house in which belongs to Caroline Forbes.  Unfortunately someone is currently residing within this home, so I wouldn't recommend climbing onto their porch.

                                                                                **Click here for Googlemaps**


Once you're finished viewing these homes, you'll need to head back down East Street SE, passing the Lockwood Mansion once more.  When you come to the stop sign on that street, you'll find yourself next to Conyers Street.  Directly in front of you and to your right, you'll notice a large white estate that you may recognize from Season II.  This beautiful estate belonged to Isobel (Elena's Biological mother).  This house also has been taken off the market, so I don't recommend walking onto their property.


Right beside Isobel's estate and through a small patch of brush, you will find a little brown house.  This small house belonged to Bonnie's grandmother Grams in Season I.  It has continued to make small appearances throughout the show, including Season VIII when Bonnie visited Grams in Damons mind.  This home has also been occupied, so I don't recommend walking onto their property.

                                                                                **Click here for Googlemaps**

                                                                              **Photo courtesy of The CW**

After scanning over these homes, it's time to turn left and head down Conyers Street SE.  As you make your way down this road, you will need to keep a look out on your right.  You will quickly discover the Witches Burial Ground, and trust me, it's impossible to miss!  **NOTE: This house no longer looks as it does in the picture below**  You will notice the house is up a ways onto a hill with a long driveway.  Unfortunately there are signs posted that say "No Trespassing". 


                                              The Old Lockwood Mansion

You'll want to continue past the cemetery until you reach Monticello St.  Once there you'll want to turn left.  Not too far down and you'll notice a beautiful house on your right called The Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast.  This location was used for flashback scenes in 1864 as well as modern day scenes.  The inside of this beautiful house was used on a few occasions for filming, including a bedroom which was used as Katherine's room.  The house was bought out and turned into a Bed and Breakfast.  The family who owns the home is very generous and kind.  I was grateful to take a tour of the property in 2015.  It has a LOT of history that I'm sure they'd be more than happy to share with you.

You can visit there website here


                                                                      **Photo Taken from The Fairytale Traveler**

                                                Mystic Falls Cemetery

Once you're done scoping out the locations above, it's time to head back toward the Mystic Falls Square on Conyers Street SE.  You're going to continue down that street, passing Isobel's and Gram's home's.  As you continue past those houses, you will notice a cemetery on your left.  This is the cemetery that Isobel took her life in, as well as the place that Jon Gilbert and Aunt Jenna were buried.  It is also the location that Damon admitted to Stefan in Season II that he'd been bitten by Tyler Lockwood and was dying of his werewolf bite.  Of course, that was before we knew that Klaus' blood was the cure to werewolf bites.

                                                              Bree's Bar

So, you've officially found all the locations within the Mystic Falls Square & most of the homes used in The Vampire Diaries.  Now it's time to climb back into your car to make a couple more stops!  You're going to need to get onto Church Street (beside Scoops) and follow it as it merges into Pace Street.  You will need to follow this street until you come to some stop lights on 278.  Once here, you will need to make a left turn and follow 278 until you come to Emory Street NW.  This will be the first light you come to after turning onto 278.  Make a right and you will notice a bar on your right connected to a buffet.  If you cross the train tracks, you've gone too far. 

This is Bree's Bar.  The place Damon took Elena to after her car crash in Season I episode 11 "Bloodlines".  This bar is actually called Depot Country Station

                                      Damon & Stefan's Transformation Site

After viewing Bree's Bar, you'll need to head back toward 278.  Once at the light, you'll need to make a left turn back onto 278 and follow that road until you find Dr. M L King Jr. Ave. on Bypass RD.  Here you will need to make a right turn and follow Dr. M L King Jr. Ave. into John R. Williams Hwy. You'll need to go past the Ford Dealership which will then merge back into Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. an eventually back into Covington Bypass RD.  On your left you should notice some wooded area and a lake sitting behind it.  This spot here is where Damon and Stefan made their transformation into vampires.

It is also the location in which Elena talked Stefan out of killing himself by sunlight in Season I after he found himself apart of ripper mode.  They used this location in Season VIII to find where Kai had hidden Elenas body and Stefan ultimately killed Cade.                                                                           

                                           Enjoy Your Trip!

As I continue to lurk around Mystic Falls, Virginia, I will try and find new locations to help make your trip even more exciting!  Besides, I've love to see more of these locations myself!  As for a lot of the locations, they're not actually in Covington, but scattered around Atlanta, such as the Salvatore Boarding House which is actually located in Sandy Springs.  Most of your trip can be made by foot once you arrive, if you park at the Square or at the Information building which I will talk more about on the "Most See Stops" page. 

I hope this page has helped you and will help you find these different set locations for the next time you make a trip out to Covington, GA aka Mystic Falls, Virginia.  It is worth the trip out there, not only for the Vampire Diaries set locations, but also to look around the beautiful town of Covington, Georgia itself.