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Every episode has been posted here on it's Air Date.  The description I used for the episodes were taken from wikipedia.  They contain SPOILERS, so consider yourself warned. 

Thu. 9/10 8:00 PM Pilot In the small Virginia town of Mystic Falls, teenager Elena Gilbert and her brother Jeremy can't come to grips with the fact their parents have recently died and are both looked after by their aunt, Jenna. Elena becomes emotionally withdrawn over hidi... more
Thu. 9/17 8:00 PM Night Of The Comet Mystic Falls begins the preparations to celebrate the passing of a comet. While Vicki recuperates in the hospital from her injuries caused by a vampire, Stefan uses his abilities to erase Vicki's attacker from her memory, but is interrupted by Matt. ... more
Thu. 9/24 8:00 PM Friday Night Bites The semi-psychic Bonnie tells Elena that she has a bad feeling about Stefan, so Elena decides to invite Stefan and Bonnie to dinner at her house so that they can get to know each other better. At school, Tyler attempts to humiliate Stefan by throwing... more
Thu. 10/1 8:00 PM Family Ties Elena and Stefan go to the town's annual Founders' Party, hosted by Tyler's parents. Vicki gets Tyler to ask her when she refuses to associate herself with Jeremy. Damon tells Elena about the history of the Salvatores after Stefan tries to cut Damon ... more
Thu. 10/8 8:00 PM You're Undead To Me While Damon grows weaker from being locked up in the Salvatore basement, Jeremy's and Vicki's relationship grows stronger. At the school organized car wash, Bonnie discovers more about her powers and decides to face with them. Meanwhile, Logan's char... more
Thu. 10/15 8:00 PM Lost Girls Stefan explains his and Damon's past with Katherine to Elena. In 1864, they both loved a woman named Katherine Pierce, who then turned both of them into vampires. Meanwhile, Damon spends the day trapped inside the Salvatore Boarding House with Vicki.... more
Thu. 10/29 8:00 PM Haunted Stefan tries to help new vampire Vicki deal with her urge to feed, but is unable to control her. While giving Bonnie her witch costume at school, Caroline also gives Bonnie the amber crystal which Damon took from the Founder's Party. At a Halloween p... more
Thu. 11/5 8:00 PM 162 Candles An old vampire friend of Stefan's arrives in Mystic Falls, the 350-year-old Lexi (Guest star Arielle Kebbel). She makes Elena realize the value of love, and helps her to take the first step towards renewing a relationship with Stefan. Meanwhile, Jere... more
Thu. 11/12 8:00 PM History Repeating A new history teacher arrives, named Alaric Saltzman, to replace Mr. Tanner. Jeremy notices his ring, which resembles one worn by vampires. Jeremy introduces his new teacher to Jenna, who then becomes infatuated with Alaric. Alaric asks Jenna to invi... more
Thu. 11/19 8:00 PM The Turning Point Jeremy decides to return to his hobby of sketching fantasy creatures that he had stopped upon the death of his parents. Meanwhile, the vampire Logan attacks and kills several people throughout the town. Matt and Caroline continue to hang out together... more
Thu. 1/21 8:00 PM Bloodlines Damon's arrival causes the mysterious stranger to flee, and Damon frees Elena from her overturned car. Damon brings Elena with him to Georgia to see Bree, a witch and an old flame of Damon's, hoping she can help open the tomb to free Katherine. Bree ... more
Thu. 1/28 8:00 PM Unpleasentville As Stefan and Damon try to figure out the identity of the new vampire in town, Stefan gives Elena more vervain-filled jewelry to protect her family and friends. Strapped for money, Matt takes a job as a busboy at the Mystic Grill, where former high s... more
Thu. 2/4 8:00 PM Children Of The Damned The episode begins with Katherine and Damon in 1864. Katherine stops a carriage and attacks and feeds on the people in it. Katherine and Damon kiss. The scene fades to Damon interrupting Elena and Stefan in bed. Damon reminds them he can be trusted a... more
Thu. 2/11 8:00 PM Fool Me Once Elena wakes to find that she and Bonnie have been kidnapped by Anna and Ben. Stefan has been trying to find her and asks Damon for help, but he refuses. With help from Grams, Stefan eventually saves Elena and Bonnie. Stefan later ends up killing Ben ... more
Thu. 3/25 8:00 PM A Few Good Men Harper, the vampire who escaped from the tomb, kills a man in the woods and steals his clothes. Matt and Caroline are surprised by the sudden reappearance of Matt’s drifter mother Kelly. Stefan and Elena are worried about Damon’s new atti... more
Thu. 4/1 8:00 PM There Goes The Neighborhood Anna pays a visit to Damon, bringing along her mother Pearl, who wants to take control of the town. All the vampires in the tomb have been released, and most are staying at an old farmhouse on the outskirts of town. Pearl offers to help Damon find Ka... more
Thu. 4/8 8:00 PM Let The Right One In A bad storm approaches Mystic Falls making the roads dangerous. Jeremy keeps trying to convince Anna to turn him, but she refuses. While out hunting, Stefan is captured by Frederic and his friends, who intend to torture him before killing him. Damon ... more
Thu. 4/15 8:00 PM Under Control As Stefan struggles to maintain control of his new circumstances, Elena and Jeremy's uncle, John Gilbert, unexpectedly shows up in Mystic Falls. Stefan exhibits some unusual behavior at the Founder's Day event, and things turn ugly when Damon tries t... more
Thu. 4/22 8:00 PM Miss Mystic Falls The episode beings with Stefan going back to school, Elena approaches him and notices his mysteriousness when he says he'll catch her up later.At the Founder's Day Gala, Elena and Caroline compete in the "Miss Mystic Falls" contest. Bonnie returns to... more
Thu. 4/29 8:00 PM Blood Brothers As Stefan tries to come to terms with his past, he and Damon reveal pieces of their history to Elena, including the truth about how they were turned into vampires. Pearl and Jonathan Gilbert have an an ugly confrontation. Meanwhile, Damon and Alaric ... more
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