The Vampire Diaries
Mystic Falls

TVDMysticFalls was created by a longtime fan of The Vampire Diaries.  Though I will admit, I have yet to read the books - because lets be honest, I hate reading - but I have been following The Vampire Diaries closely since Episode One.  After a few times of visiting the town of 'Mystic Falls, Virginia', and the excitement and lifelong memories that have been brought to me by doing so, I've wanted to share the amazing experience with every Vampire Diaries fan.  Besides, what would be more fun than to plan a trip out to the town and have the potential to see some of the action come to life and meet the cast in between filming?

I've created this site to not only share my personal experiences in 'Mystic Falls, Virginia', but to also help YOU create life long memories if you decide to visit this beautiful town as well.  I will have a page that will list the different addresses to the different set locations through out the town(s) used for The Vampire Diaries.  I will also have some fun facts listed about the different locations!  Of course you will be able to find out things about the show while lurking through the different pages of TVDMysticFalls!  Lets be honest, this is sort of a Vampire Diaries fan site.  

I have not found all of the different sets used on the show as of yet, but I do visit the town often and I am putting in an effort to find all of the locations used, even the ones scattered around Atlanta.  Not only will finding more of the locations help better my own experience when I go to visit, but it will also be to help you have a better experience when you visit as well!

I got the honor to give a tour around Mystic Falls on my last visit out to Covington and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had.  Not only did I get to enjoy going over the different sites in hopes to see some of the cast come walking out of the shadows, I also got the privilege to show others what I knew and had already found as well.  After that amazing experience, I've been putting some serious consideration into giving personal tours around the town for a very small fee.  I would love to give free tours because it is something I thoroughly enjoy doing, however, due to the fact that I live 5 minutes away from Alabama, gas is an issue.

If you would be interested in something like this, you can find more information on the "Guided Tours" page.

                                 Who's behind TVDMysticFalls?

My name is Darien and I am the creator/founder of TVDMysticFalls.  I decided to create this website after visiting the town of Covington, GA aka Mystic Falls, Virginia multiple times within the past couple years.  I enjoyed taking friends and family out to the different set locations that I had found and continued to find over time and watching their excitement as I showed them.  I wanted to be able to help everyone to get an amazing Mystic Falls experience, which is why I created this site.  Why should I (and some others) only get the amazing experience from visiting this beautiful town when others can too?  That's why I sat down and pin pointed where the different locations are so if you want to find them, you can!  It'll also show how easy it is to find most of the locations in the show that have been used!

When visiting Mystic Falls on 3/3/12, I met a family who were vacationing from up North.  I noticed them roaming the town trying to find the different locations.  I couldn't help but spark up a conversation and before long I offered to show them the different locations around the town.  I had a blast and loved that I was able to make a lasting memory for a die hard fan like myself.  It was at that point that I decided to start offering tours to others.  I would love nothing more than to be able to give others a lasting, exciting, memory to cherish forever. 

I want to do as much as I can and learn about more locations to help better everyone's experience.  I'd also like to make custom Vampire Diaries merchandise to sell at some point.  However I am going to take this one step at a time.