The Vampire Diaries
Mystic Falls


If you are visiting this site, than you must be a Vampire Diaries fan, or, you just happened to find this website and don’t have a clue what you’re doing here, that’s okay too! 

As most of you know
Mystic Falls, Virginia is a fictional town where vampires, werewolves, witches, hybrids, and vampire hunters roam under everyone’s noses.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention, ghost too.  This beautiful city is actually located in Covington, Georgia, about thirty miles East of Atlanta.  Most of The Vampire Diaries was filmed here, although some locations can be found scattered around Atlanta or at their Decatur studio.  I, myself, have been out to ‘Mystic Falls’ more than I'll ever care to admit and I’ve found most of the locations they used to film, such as:

The Mystic Falls Court House/Jail & Sheriff Forbes office

Mystic Falls High School
Wickery Bridge

The Mystic Grill

 Dr. Greyson Gilberts Office

The Rooftop used during Vicki's struggle in Season I

 The Crash Scene from Season I

The Lockwood Mansion

The Lockwood Flashback Mansion

Elena Gilberts House

 Caroline Forbes House

Grams (Bonnie's Grandmother) House

Isobel’s Estate [Season II]

The Witches Burial Grounds

Mystic Falls Graveyard

The Site of Damon & Stefan’s transformation

Bree’s Bar

Those are just some of the amazing spots listed that you can find in Covington or around Atlanta. As a longtime fan - episode 1 to be exact - I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting these different locations, watching them film, and at times giving tours to other wonderful fans.  I strongly believe that every fan should have the opportunity to visit the sets first hand for FREE

So lets take an adventure, shall we? PS: Don't forget your vervain at home.